Encore Partners With Places. to Launch Events Platform

A better place to find concerts, theatre, restaurants, film, and much more

Encore, along with Places Dot, inventor of an AI-enabled content creation tool, and have announced the launch of a new digital platform. Designed for locals and visitors alike, it is a powerful search engine to find concerts, theatre, arts, and cultural events in the San Francisco Bay Area and Greater Seattle Area.

“Encore has been connecting arts, culture and community for over 50 years, reaching 1.4 million patrons annually. It is only natural that we continue with our mission and now expand our digital presence, making it easier for audiences to find the latest and greatest in arts and entertainment,” says Paul Heppner, President of Encore Media Group. “San Francisco Bay Area and the Greater Seattle Area are home to some of the most vibrant and exciting arts and culture scenes in the country. Thanks to the partnership with Places Dot and their data and AI-powered solutions, we are excited to launch an online discovery tool that provides a new way to explore the many events happening in the region. As we carefully return
to in-person events, arts and culture, we find it the perfect time to launch a new tool to help patrons navigate through the myriad of options now available to them.”

“Our goal at Places. is to make it easier for people to find and book things to do nearby, and for attractions and activity providers to get discovered more successfully. We use advanced analytics and AI-enabled solutions to help suppliers reach their audiences,” says Places Dot CEO and Co-Founder, Marina Petrova. “Based on the in-depth analysis of Encore audience interests, we built a platform to help people find the best events in their areas, whether they want to go to a concert, see a play, take in some art, or attend a food festival. The website features thousands of activities and events, including concerts, theatre, museums, art, dining, and more.”

Bruce Amick, Places Dot COO and Co-Founder, adds: “In the age of an overwhelming amount of content available online, reaching audiences and cutting through the “noise” is becoming increasingly difficult. We have developed a suite of solutions aimed at matching customer interests with relevant content, in the right context, at the right time. With near real-time data insights and AI-powered content marketing, Places Dot helps publishers grow their digital business by providing thousands of pages of SEO and mobile-first content focused on things to do in their markets.”

The Places Dot and Encore partnership will continue to evolve to offer a powerful set of new features, including the integration of activities in Encore+ digital programs.

The new Encore marketplace and event finder can be found on Encore Spotlight.