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Savvy marketers know that in order to create an effective campaign you must include reach, frequency and impact; but today’s campaigns must also be hyper-targeted. Strong marketing campaigns must cut through the clutter, with both digital and traditional media avenues, to identify and reach your targeted audience. The ability to drive frequency and impact to those targets is what constitutes a highly effective campaign.  

Encore offers advertisers the ability to target audiences through niche publications with educated, affluent and geographically-centered audiences, with the additional ability to increase frequency and impact through targeted digital display. Encore does more than just put your ad in front of faces one time—our arts programs and custom publishing guides are resources and souvenirs that will be referenced many times and saved to be revisited by reminiscing enthusiasts.

Let Encore help you develop a marketing strategy to reach your target audience, drive strong engagement, and through multi-channel frequency, build impact to result in high visibility and strong returns.

The Encore Advantage

Encore offers niche print and digital marketing opportunities for companies and organizations seeking diverse, affluent and cultured audiences. Encore provides sophisticated print options that can be complemented with a comprehensive digital campaign, or vice versa. Encore provides custom advertising solutions coordinated specifically to achieve your goals. 

In a constantly evolving media landscape, here are five reasons you should integrate Encore into your targeted marketing strategy.

Why Print?
  • Leverage credibility: Our publications consistently offer readers high-quality and engaging content which audiences have come to expect over our fifty-year history. We partner with established organizations that are highly esteemed and trusted by the community. You can leverage this credibility with readers to create strong connections, drive sales and increase overall brand loyalty.
  • Engaged audience: Our print products are warmly received by readers, never forced; this enhances their experience with the advertisements in the publication. Finding the content and advertisements relevant, the readers of our programs, guides and magazines fully engage with the material for an extended amount of time, giving your ad ample opportunity to make an impression. Additionally, many of our publications are kept by readers as souvenir items that will be taken home and treasured, giving your brand’s message a significantly longer shelf-life than most other advertising opportunities.
Why Digital?
  • Premium products: While our print products garner respect from your target consumer, our digital platform is recognized as a Google Premier Partner, meaning your campaign will be operated by a team of certified professionals who specialize in building and managing digital campaigns designed to drive maximum ROI with a guarantee in performance.
  • Hands-on assistance: Digital advertising can be an overwhelming prospect, which is why Encore is here to help you understand and evaluate the best campaign options for your brand and price point. We will ensure that your brand reaches its target audience and achieves success—whether that be increased traffic, brand awareness, conversions or more. Starting with a thorough evaluation of your goals and target audience, we’ll create a digital campaign perfectly tailored for your brand or business.
Why Both?
  • Two halves of a whole: Your print and digital advertising are more effective when both channels are utilized. Influencing a consumer on multiple media platforms drives them from awareness to action. With our print and digital options bundled together, we can build a cohesive campaign to reach your target audience during each stage of the decision-making process.
Arts Programs

Audience Demographics

Audiences that enjoy our Encore arts programs are diverse in age and interest, however, are bound by their engagement in the arts. In general, the art patrons are well-educated, affluent and active within their communities.

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  Greater Seattle Area
  San Francisco Bay Area

Seattle income chart

Bay Area income chart
Greater Seattle AreaSan Francisco Bay Area
Are female
Graduated from a 4-year college
Travel domestically
Make annual philanthropic contributions
Dine out before/after a performance
Own a home
Encore+ screenshots
Encore+ logo

Encore+ is our newest way to connect you with audiences at performing arts organizations. When audiences return to live performance events, they will be introduced to a new innovative digital program that will seamlessly connect them to the performance while providing a similar patron experience, all through a safe and modern program option.

Encore+, a platform specifically designed for mobile use, seamlessly integrates advertisements along with high-quality content that informs, entertains and keeps audiences engaged before and after each show.

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Digital and print together Many of our partners will be providing both print and digital programs for audiences, which gives your ad visibility across multiple mediums and will increase impressions for your brand no matter the program style they choose to use.

Expand your reach and increase your frequency Connect with more potential customers in my more ways by simply adding Encore+ to your media mix. 

Directly actionable Patrons will be able to access your business’s website directly from your ad within the program.

Interaction is measurable Analytics can give your business insight into conversions, impressions and more.

Meaningful connection Your brand will be reaching your target audience directly through Encore+ where advertising space is minimal, eliminating the chance that the audience will be overwhelmed by other ads.

Custom Publishing

Each custom publication is as unique as its audience, thanks to each being created specifically for that audience. We offer exclusive marketing opportunities to reach niche audiences within many well-known Seattle publications. Advertisements within these guides and magazines not only connect with readers, they also create strong alignments, build brand loyalties, and support local community organizations.

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Current Custom Publications
  • Seafair Magazine
  • Seattle Art Dealers Association Gallery Guide
  • Seattle Pride Guide
  • SIFF Guide & Catalog

Encore offers digital marketing and advertising opportunities to enhance accessibility to targeted audiences and arts patrons to increase brand visibility, boost consideration and drive action.

Encore Spotlight is an easy way to extend your advertising to arts patrons, through display and email marketing, in the Greater Seattle Area, San Francisco Bay Area, or both. Encore Spotlight is a great way to reach general audiences, in a measurable way, without having to select a singular venue or performance.

Encore Digital offers a suite of products and solutions such as targeted display, email marketing, SEM/SEO and video pre-roll to help clients exceed their marketing goals. Each of our digital campaigns are created to specifically address our clients’ needs with custom solutions and approaches to ensure that goals and budgets are met.

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Ad Planning Calendars

Plan your advertising with these publication schedules

Greater Seattle Area

Encore arts programs and custom publications

San Francisco Bay Area

Encore arts programs