Announcing Our Digital Program, Encore+

We’re ready for live performance with a mobile platform

The challenges of the past year and a half have touched almost every aspect of our lives. Individuals, communities, businesses and organizations have all struggled, but we have also all persevered, reinvented, and remained hopeful that a brighter day would come and bring us together again. Now that day is here. Our community is reopening, and for us that means reconnecting arts, culture and community.

Many of our partner organizations have announced their return to live performances this summer and fall. Audiences are excited to get back into seats, performers are thrilled to return to the stage, and we at Encore are more than ready to make that experience as fulfilling and special as it always has been.

While the stages were dark, we at Encore were exploring new ways to support arts organizations, offering brands and businesses print and digital opportunities to connect with audiences from afar, and keeping patrons up to date with how to stay involved in the community.

With the reintroduction of live performances this summer, audiences and organizations are looking for contactless alternatives to printed programs. After exploring many new avenues, we are excited to announce Encore+, a new digital program specifically tailored to each arts organization. Encore+ is a new way to give audiences the insight into performances they crave and have come to expect from Encore arts programs, right on their own device.    


  • Fully customizable platform Encore+ is a flexible option that can be optimized to showcase brand, content, images and more.
  • Easy to use Navigate between show information, cast and crew, features, organization information and more.
  • Designed for mobile Easily accessible via link, text message or QR code in a modern, contactless format.
  • Digital and print together Use as an alternative to, or a rich media enhancement of, a printed program.
  • Performance + community Encore+ is a digitally native blend of rich content and tailored advertising that enhances a patron’s viewing experience.