Introducing Encore Spotlight

Your backstage pass to the performing arts

Encore introduces our new consumer website, Encore Spotlight, your backstage pass to the performing arts.

For years, Encore has provided online archives of our arts programs alongside exclusive digital content under the Encore Arts San Francisco and Encore Arts Seattle banners. Today marks the first day that our focuses have been combined into a single, holistic user experience offering insights and depth to the many performing arts venues in each market.

For the first time, performing arts audiences in the Greater Seattle Area and San Francisco Bay Area can now enjoy the full breadth of our coverage across each market with a more modern, mobile-friendly site designed to highlight our original content and calendar of events in new and engaging ways.

The primary focus of the site is on events and performances of our valued arts program partners, with plans to expand our attention to the larger arts community in the coming months and years. Alongside the calendar, our Spotlight stories highlight the untold stories, offer relevant news and showcase insightful interviews with those who make the Seattle and San Francisco performing arts communities what they are.

Best of all, the program archives are now unified and enhanced for easier browsing, searching and reading. We are still transitioning our archive over to the new site, so if you don’t find what you’re looking for today, please check back.